Visitors of the 360 event, take advantage of the event to meet partners and customers!

Thanks to the organisation of a European business convention during the 360 event, you can meet international partners for your business or for the implementation of cross-border cooperation projects.

Take advantage of the day to schedule your appointments in advance:

  • by accessing, in advance, the profiles of the participants,
  • by identifying precisely the projects, offers and expectations of these participants,
  • by ensuring the efficiency of your appointment thanks to a double validation method by each of the two participants, which guarantees you the adequacy of your respective expectations.
Online registration
till 21/06
Appointment booking
from 27/05 to15/06
B2B 360

1) Register online – till 21/06
After opening your member area, you can fill in your profile and choose the time slot(s) for your appointments. Your registration will then be submitted for approval by the administration team.

Attention: we advise you to write your profile in English if you would like to meet international contacts.


2) Make your appointment requests – from 27/05 to 15/06
When you open the catalogue, you can select and reach people you want to meet, with the possibility of motivating your appointment requests.

3) Validate the appointment proposals
Each participant may ask you for an appointment. You accept or decline their proposals.


4) Receive your appointment schedule
You will receive an email informing you when your schedule is online. Then log in to your member account.


5) Participate in the 360 Business Meetings!
and make new appointments with the WebApp B2match (android and Apple logo).

Register for business appointments
Contacts & additional information

Isabelle GOURIOU
+33 7 87 60 91 90

Jean-Bernard MASSEE
+33 7 87 60 91 86

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